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Our Goal

The goal of Eternal Grace Ministry is to reach out to the unreached of Uttar Pradesh, India with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Details about this Mission - what we believe, our vision, our churches and our activities are available on this web site. Brother Vijay Kumar M. and his family were called by God to be missionaries in Uttar Pradesh (U.P.), India in 1995. They obeyed this call and left their hometown, Trivandrum (in Kerala) and moved to U.P. After a few years of working with a mission organization in Allahabad, they were led by God to start on their own in the nearby Mirzapur district. It hapened in the year 1999. While ministering in Allahabad, Vijay Kumar was once attacked and severely beaten-up by some misguided men who were opposed to the gospel of Jesus. And it took about six months for him to recover from the injuries. But this did not cool down his zeal and commitment for Christ! Hallelujah!!

Eternal Grace Mission was founded in January, 2000 with the sole aim of fulfilling the vision that God gave us about His work in Uttar Pradesh state of India and we started the mission work in Mirzapur district. At that time, very few in the area had heard even the name of Jesus Christ. Most of the population is uneducated and poor. We started Sunday worship for those who believed the message that we preached and for others who were interested. The Lord worked wonders in our midst by healing hundreds of sick people and even their cattle (they are one of the major sources of income for most of the people here!). These meetings were later known as Yeshu Durbar (Eternal Grace Church). As the place was not sufficient for the meeting, God enabled us to purchase a land for the ministry in 2005.


Proclaim the love of God and the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through teaching and preaching the Word of God and through other humanitarian social services.


1. Proclaiming the gospel to more and more people who have not heard it, healthy churches are emerging and the Kingdom of God is advancing.
2. To start new churches in needy places, to facilitate disciples to follow the commandments of the Lord Jesus Christ and to propagate the value of truth, peace and love amongst all communities.
3. To give training and counselling to believers, especially the younger generation in the field of ministry, medical and social work and send them as missionaries to different places.