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I was born on 25-05-1967 at Kanjiramkulam,Kzhivoor- village, in Trivandrum District of Kerala state to Late Madhavan, a Hindu & Late Kamala Bhai, a CSI Christian. My grandfather was a devote Hindu and therefore did not allow my mother to go to Church. But she used to attend the church meeting secretly and told me about Jesus Christ. I lost my father at the age of 14 and thereafter, I lived a worldly life and becoame a problem to my family and the society. My mother started praying for me earnestly because of my bad life and I discontinued my studies after class 12. I got a job in Kerala Water authority and got married to Sushantha in 1990. My wife was a born-again Christian and she prayed for me along with my mother. I was a drunkard and got into all sort of problems. We had a gang of 50 people and people in our area were afraid of us. However, one day our gang leader was killed and I wanted to take revenge. But all my attempts failed and therefore I had no peace in my life and I tried to commit suicide several times. However, My God had a plan for me and therefore, He saved me at all these times. My wife and mother continued to pray for me and she used to tell me about Jesus Christ and his love.

On 11th December, 1993, I again tried to commit suicide but my wife saw that and saved me. Moreover she requested me to obey her words once and asked me to attend a meeting along with her on the following day. I accepted her advice and went with her to the meeting at Kattakkada. That day Bro.Laxman , now Pr.Paul Malayadi, was the preacher and God spoke to me through him and touched my heart. I surrendered myself to him and I received great peace in my mind. Thereafter, I continued to pray and attend the meetings and also attended short term Bible classes .God also called some of my friends and they also started to attend the meeting.

In 1994 God gave us a vision to go to Uttar Pradesh as a missionary. We obeyed His call and came to Allahabad in 1995 and worked along with a mission organization. While ministering in Allahabad I was once attacked (Jan.1999 Magh mela) and was severely beaten- up by some misguided men who were opposed to the gospel of Jesus. It took about 6 months for me to recover from the injuries. In December 1999 God brought us to Mirzapur and we started the ministry here. God blessed our Ministry and presently I along with my wife Sushanta and sons, Arun Paul and Binnu Paul,are ministering here since then.