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Eye Camps:

Eternal Grace Trust organises cataract operation camps with in association with Kachchawa Christian Hospital, Kachchawa. People come to the camp and are benefitted. They undergo their eye check up. If cataract operation is required, they are referred to Kachchawa Christian hospital for operation.

Medical Camp

Eternal Grace Trust organises medical camps in EGM campus. We use to invite local doctors for this camp. Usually, there used to be huge gathering of people in this camp. Doctors and their team provide check up of the patients and give them medicines. Apart from this, doctors also advice them for maintaining good health.

Health Awareness Program

Eternal Grace Trust organises 3days’ health awareness program. The program is usually led by a group of doctors along with their team. Doctors take classes on the topic of neatness and cleanliness, healthy habits, eating, T.B. and fitness. They interact with the children and tell them about healthy habits and children very actively participate in this program. They learn a lot of new things through this awareness program. Doctors also train selected volunteers and train them on health fitness, healthy habits, symptoms of T.B. and cause of sicknesses and their preventive measures.

Emergency Rescue Operations and Rehabilitation

In calamities such as earthquakes, floods etc we, as a team, go forward for providing relief to the affected. In the year 2013, north India was severely affected by flood. Varanasi, Allahabad, Mirzapur, Balliya and many other districts of U.P. were affected by the flood. In Mirzapur district, many villagers were affected by the flood. Due to flood, they lost their houses and did not have anything to eat. They were in big trouble. Eternal Grace Trust decided to help such people. Chairman of Eternal Grace Trust, Mr. Vijay Kumar M visited these villages several times and discussed with the villagers about their problems and showed sympathy toward them. He immediately decided to help such people. Block divisions like Kone, Mujehra, Mathiya, Devpurva, Ballipurva, Cheksari, Gathiya, Harsinghpur, Tilhti were very badly affected by the flood. Mr. Vijay Kumar M. with his team distributed 10 kg rice, 10 kg flour, 2 kg pulse and 1 kg cooking oil to each of the families of these villages. Through this, a total of 100 families got food materials essential for their survival.

Adult Literacy program

Eternal Grace Trust organises Adult Literacy Program in different districts of Uttar Pradesh. Recently, Literacy program was organized in Mirzapur and Bhadohi Districts. 15 different villages, 15 teachers were trained to carrying out the literacy program. The main aim of the literacy program is that all villagers (except very old people) can at least read and write their names and can realise the importance of education so that they send their children to school instead of sending them for work to earn money. 450 people participated and were benefitted from this literacy program. Now, all those participated can read and write.

Child Education Awareness Program

Eternal Grace Trust organises this program in villages with a aim and goal to encourage the parents to send their children to schools for education.It focus mainly for the awareness by realising the parents,the importance of education for a better livelihood.