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Tailoring Program

Seven tailoring centres are functioning in Mirzapur. It is a 6 months training program. In a year 224 ladies are trained in these 7 centres. All candidates show great zeal in attending the tailoring classes regularly. Each centre is equipped with sewing machines along with trained teachers. Tailoring teachers work here on honorarium. Tailoring program help many women to established their own tailoring shops which help them to earn income for their families.

Community Development Training Program (ICD)

We are running a community development training program for our believers. It is a four year program of teaching for four days every month. There are 105 trainees and 4 community workers associated with it. This program is conducted at Eternal Grace Trust Mirzapur. We are providing them with accommodation and food during these days. This program is expected to bring about desired changes in their personal lives, attain a certain standard in knowledge, gain self confidence, maintain cleanliness, develop good habits and effectively guide them to transform their communities.

Computer Institute

Eternal Grace Trust started computer classes at Yeshu Darbar, Bhujva Chauki, Mirzapur. 20 students study for one hour daily in two batches of 10 students each. Computer is an integral part of our lives today. It is no more a luxury. Computers are used everywhere. But those living in villages do not have access to computers. Hence we initiated this training program. Here they are trained in basic understanding and operation of computers. They are also given practical training in order to equip them with necessary skills to become employable. We realise that computer education has become very important for all and if a person wants to work in any place, computer knowledge is compulsory. So the Trust decided to start a computer institute for the students. Trust started the institute in association with SNIIITM College, Shuklaha, Mirzapur. Through this computer centre many poor students are benefitted. The main aim of the Trust to start this Computer Institute is to educate poor villagers who cannot afford the fee to learn computer.