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I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses . -Joshua 1:3

Eternal Grace Mission was founded in January 2000 with the sole aim of fulfilling the vision that God gave us about His work in U.P. and we started the mission work in Mirzapur district. At that time, very few in the villages had heard even the name of Jesus Christ. Most of the population is not educated and remain poor even today.

We first operated from the premises of Mount Carmel School in Mirzapur city. We started a Sunday worship for those who believed the message that we preached and for the others who were interested. The Lord worked wonders in our midst by healing hundreds of sick people and even their cattle (they are one of the major sources of income for most of the people here!). These meetings were later known as Yeeshu Durbar (the Royal Court of Jesus). However many started calling it Changayi Sabha (healing gatherings) due to the many miracles of healing that took place here.

As the number of people who came to our meetings increased, the enemy started attacking us in many ways. Several groups of religious fanatics tried to obstruct the work of the Lord, but God was with us as a great wall of fire and saved us at all times. Once, Section 144 CrPC (which prevents unlawful assembly of people) was imposed by the District administration where we conducted the Sunday Service under pressure from opposing groups in an attempt to stop the believers from gathering together. At that point of time, a brother who loves us and also the Lord and the Gospel work, approached the court against this prohibition order. He argued that the Indian Constitution guaranteed freedom of religion to all. The Lord worked in the hearts of the Judge who asked the authorities to reconsider the prohibitory order. He also said that Section 144 cannot be used as a weapon to stop peaceful religious gatherings as the Constitution grants all Indian citizens the right to practice, preach and follow the religion of their choice.

Today the organisation endeavours to evangelise, preach, plant churches and form community based development. It ensures that God’s name be glorified in all what they do and each activity be a source for transforming God’s love to the beneficiaries as well as in the neighbourhood. Bro. Vijaykumar M and his family obeyed God’s calling and reached Mirzapur, a place unknown to him with no friends and acquaintances. God helped them to establish a number of churches and thousands of people have been saved and baptized and continue to be active members of the local church/s. We thank God for His benevolence in their lives and in the lives of the beneficiaries.

It is obligatory to ensure that the work continues to progress and grow while becoming self sustaining. Hence it is necessary to try and help the believers to become self sustaining and churches to become self supporting in the long run. It is pertinent to observe that most of the believers are uneducated and unskilled. Most of them do not have land or other movable or immovable assets to sustain them. God wants man to work and earn his living. Hence they need to be trained in some sustainable skills. Along with evangelism, they must be taught to work with their own hands and live as an example for others. Missionaries of the past supported the converts and never taught their converts to earn their living by working. Hence they did not develop the habit of working and remain idle even today and expect others to help them always for their living and support them in all areas of need. Therefore we must ensure that these believers learn to earn their living through work and they need to be skilled to work. The church of Christ must be living examples for others not just in their spiritual aspect but also in their practical living.